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How to Write a Good Essay

Once you take the business of writing essays as a pleasure, you will never think of it as a problem. Otherwise, writing an essay will turn into a time-consuming and exhausting experience. In addition to a positive psychological disposition, you should also beware of the basic tips commonly recommended to write an essay.

Writing a Good Essay is About Research

Primarily you should start the process of essay writing with the research. At the start it is worthy to research your topic and get to know more about it. Of course, this does not mean you are to become an expert in the selected area. Just spend some time online to analyze external materials, academic databases and libraries, and compile your findings in a separate file. On this stage you should look for general information and supporting evidence backed up by facts, figures, statistics, quotes, citations and any other available materials.

Writing a Good Essay is About Analysis

The following stage assumes the process of analysis of the knowledge base you obtained during your research. You will analyze the arguments expressed in the materials you selected. On this stage you should define claims, refer to reasons, and equip yourself with the evidence. To make your essay persuasive, your analytical logic should be strong. Also make your essay perfect by analyzing the essays written by others.

Thesis is a Reflection of Your Essay

To perform a good piece of essay writing, brainstorming is a must. You should ask yourself numerous questions and answer them to come up with creative and original ideas to write about. You should then pick the best idea from the number you have just brainstormed to put it in a concise sentence (thesis) which will serve as a clear assertion for the rest of your essay. A thesis reflects the main point of your essay and tells a reader the direction and overall purpose of your essay.

Do Not Fail to Plan and Well-Structure Your Essay

Prior to writing an essay, sketch it out in the form of outline. Make a comprehensive plan with short sentences that will feature the paragraphs of your essay. Also use bullet points to tell your reader what each paragraph is about.

An essay typically consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is designed to grab the attention of your readers. To do this right, you should set up the issue and bring your reader into the main argument you present in your essay. The first paragraph therefore hooks a reader’s interest.

In the body part each paragraph should emphasize on a particular idea that supports a thesis. You should start your paragraphs with topic sentences followed by supporting evidence. Express your ideas in a clear and sensible manner. If you want to know how to write an essay, try to speak to your reader and comprehensively convey your message.

In the conclusion part you wrap up all the ideas, arguments and messages you conveyed in your essay with a concise summarizing paragraph. You can flavor the last words in your essay with a catchy quote or memorable thought. Some writers also often apply interesting twists of logic, while others call to action by concluding their essays.

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